About Us

An Introduction to M.M.I Publishers, New Delhi

M.M.I. Publishers, New Delhi is an old well-established publishing house of religious books. It was setup in 1948 and since then has been publishing highly reliable religious books. The number of it’s publications have been increasing steadily since its formation. It has published almost 2000 books on the Quran, Hadith, Prophet's biography, Biography of the Noble Companions, Tarbiyah, Dawah, Movement, Autobiographies, Memoirs, Spiritualism, Law, Politics, Women, Academics, Children's literature and some other topics in Urdu, Hindi and English. Every year Maktaba also comes out with diaries and calendars.  Every year in the holy month of Ramadhan it publishes calendars in 4 colors in art paper and distributes it free in large numbers. The calendars have wide acceptability and are considered very reliable. 

Of late there has been an increase in the trend to study with the help of CDs and DVDs. Thus the Tafaseer (exegesis) and translations of the Holy Quran, the brief explanation of what is recited in the Night prayers of Ramadhan (Khulasa e Tarawih), visit to historical places, lectures by experts for teaching, learning and pedagogy have been prepared on CDs and DVDs.  Maktaba has been exporting its publications for book lovers residing in foreign countries. For the convenience of its customers, Maktaba has established sub-depots in 4 states of India, namely Telangana, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. These sub-depots are catering to these regions which have provided ample convenience to their respective customers. MMI Publishers specializes in coming out with excellent books of high quality at reasonable prices and brings them in reach of its dedicated readers.  

Honesty and fairness in business transactions has become its identity. Maktaba is a hub of books on religion, knowledge, literature, morality, society and academics that has managed to secure the confidence of its readers in each and every segment. Although Maktaba publishes books in various languages, it specializes in coming out with books in the Urdu language. It adds dozens of titles to its list every year that are finalized by Tasneefi Academy of Markaz-Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. 

Maktaba has received numerous awards and certificates from different academies and associations of the country for the production of religious literature and high quality books that are excellent both in content and presentation. It has also secured the best sale award from the National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL). 

Our books are very popular both in India as well as abroad. Now we have made arrangements for their online sale. The topic-wise book list is available on the Maktaba website. Book lovers can order their favorite books online. Some selected books of Maktaba have been loaded on the world famous online shop – Amazon. Now book lovers can order any book in Urdu, Hindi and English that they like, from any corner of the world. 

It has been a long standing desire of Maktaba to have its own retail outlet so that the book lovers do not face any difficulty in the direct purchase of the books they like. By the Grace of Allah the retail showroom of MMI Publishers was inaugurated at the hands of Ameer Jamaat, Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari. The reference library of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind is also located in the building of Maktaba in which there is a huge treasure of religious books in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and English. Many book lovers along with research scholars of various universities are benefitting from this reference library. 

Maktaba comes out with a 4 page News Bulletin every quarter which introduce the new titles that it has published along with a brief introduction as well as the various activities and achievements of Maktaba in the preceding quarter. Various old and new titles of Maktaba are regularly advertised in different newspapers so that our readers are updated on our various publications. Reviews are also sought and written on new books being published by Maktaba. 

There are various departments in Maktaba that are working full-time in which the Administration, Editorial, Composing, Production, Accounts, Stores and Dispatch are worth mentioning. Maktaba also has a Marketing department to conduct marketing and advertise our publications as well do business with different traders in the market.